• Surely know where the shot was placed
  • Video and image by image analysis
  • Offline without mobile connection applicable


Knowing for sure the shot location always is crucial when game doesn´t lay in the fireand a search might be necessary.

The hunt for our native wild boar, in connection with night and thermal devices, is a very intensive and complex type of hunting. It is possible that the situation in which the shot was fired may be remembered differently than it actually happened.

IMPACT CONTROL reliably showes the reticle location at the moment the shot was fired. Whether as a video or picture by picture, you can see exactly how the hunting situation happened. A free zoom function supports the analysis.

This will give you information about where the game was hit and allow you to take further steps.


How does „IMPACT-CONTROL“ work:

Basically, IMPACT CONTROL works as an „offline“ APP. No mobile reception is required to run the APP, which is particularly important in remote regions.

IMPACT CONTROL ist sowohl für iOS als auch für Android Betriebssysteme verfügbar.

After connecting the cell phone and the clip on device via WiFi or Bluetooth, videos (MP4) can be uploaded at the cell phone. After synchronizing the point of impact between the clip on device and IMPACT CONTROL, a stored reticle is projected into the videos. Any number of weapon profiles as well as four different color modes can be stored.


Synchronizing Impact Control

IMPACT CONTROL allows you to store any number of weapon profiles.

This is done as follows:

A video is sent to Impact Control showing a weapon being fired at its firing range and where the hit can be tracked. The app's reticle is then moved to the impact point of the video and saved.